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Benefits of a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Benefits of a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

The benefits of a slow feeder dog bowl are clear. A slow feeder dog bowl prevents choking, vomiting, gastrointestinal discomfort, weight gain, and food bloating among a handful of other benefits. If your pet inhales food, then your dog just might benefit from a slow feeder bowl. These funny looking bowls are specifically engineered to slow down eating and are a great alternative to traditional dog food bowls. 

A slow feeder bowl creates obstructions in your dogs' food bowl and encourages your pet to slow down and chew their food. This modifies your dog's eating behavior and forces them to slow down their eating over time. There are various types of slow feeder bowls, but the most popular are circular bowls with maze like features. These dog bowls are a great balance between getting your pet their food and slowing down their eating. 


Prevents Vomiting

Smaller portion sizes of food at a time allows the stomach to digest more efficiently. This in turn prevents your pet from vomiting after they eat. Every slow feeder bowl is different, but the most popular solution is to hide your pets food between small pillars so they have to use their tongue to dig it out which in turn slows down eating. 

Prevents Choking

Smaller portion sizes also prevent your dog from choking. Dogs tend to eat really fast, especially when they are really hungry, and this could easily lead to choking and/or vomiting. This is especially true with large breed dogs. Large dogs tend to gulp their food as they can fit more in their mouth and thus don't tend to chew as much as they should before they swallow. 

Prevents Gastrointestinal Discomfort

When dogs eat fast, they pile up too much food in their stomach too fast which causes discomfort and gastrointestinal discomfort. If your dog is suffering from excessive gas, it could b due to their eating habits. 

Prevents Food Bloat

Food bloating is caused from swallowing air as you eat. When the portions are more controlled as with slow feeder bowls, this eliminates these problems. When a dog's belly fills up too fast, it expands and presses against surrounding organs. This causes the liver, gall bladder and intestines to be squeezed which can cause reduced blood flow. Reduced blood flow can cause heart problems among a host of other issues. Symptoms could include excessive drooling, pacing and difficulty breathing. Call your veterinarian if any of these issues seem to be persistent. 

Prevents Weight Gain

Slow feeder bowls can also help your dog maintain their weight. When your dog slows down their eating, they will chew their food instead of inhaling. When dog's chew and swallow their meals properly, they end up eating less and feeling fuller longer ( this is the same for humans by the way 😉 ). 


Where to find Slow Feeder Dog Bowls? 

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