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Betta Starter Kit - AQUEON Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit - 0.5 Gallon

Betta Starter Kit - AQUEON Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit - 0.5 Gallon

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    All of the components that you need to bring your new betta home is included inside this betta starter kit by Aqueon. Fish tank set-up is quick and easy. Included inside each betta fish bowl is gravel, aquarium plant, divider, Betta Food sample and Betta Bowl Plus water conditioner sample that makes tap water safe for your fish.

    • Low-maintenance, economical kit to get you started
    • Half gallon betta aquarium includes divider for housing up to two betta per aquarium
    • Easy-open feeding door allows for feeding betta without taking the entire lid off
    • Aquarium plant, gravel, and samples of food and water care included!
    • Change water weekly to keep betta healthy


    Aqueon fish tank starter kits are the perfect way for beginners or experienced aquarists to upgrade to larger aquariums or start from scratch. Desktop sizes are generally under 10 gallons and make the perfect accents for offices, bedrooms or even the kitchen counter! This Betta bowl is 0.5 Gallons, perfect for any spot in the house! 

    A Little About Betta Fish

    To care for a betta fish, it is important to understand their needs. Bettas need clean water and plenty of oxygen. They also need a place to hide, so make sure to include some plants or decor in their tank. Feed your betta a diet of fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried foods.

    The water in a betta tank should be kept clean. Partial water changes should be done every one to two weeks, depending on the bioload [the waste produced by fish in a given volume of water]. If you have more than one fish in your tank, do a partial change once a week and up to three times a month if the tank is lightly stocked. This will prevent ammonia and nitrite spikes that can harm your betta. Bettas breathe air at the surface of the water, so ensure that their tank has a lid with an opening for them to go in and out without jumping out.

    Bettas come from slow-moving waters such as rice paddies and swamps, and they prefer a tank that is neither too cold nor too hot. They like warm water with temperatures between 78°F to 82°F (26°C to 28°C).

    There are many varieties of bettas available today such as the traditional or two-tone betta also known as the Siamese fighting fish. These are the bettas that you see in pet stores. They come with long, flowing fins and can be very beautiful when they mature, but in general these types of bettas don't live very long.


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