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Dog Beds & Blankets

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Dog Beds & Blankets

Looking for the perfect dog bed for your pet? We've got you covered.  From large dog beds, small dog beds, outdoor dog beds, washable dog beds, we have every kind of dog bed to meet your pets needs. Let us walk you through what some of our dog beds can do.

Our elevated dog beds are perfect for pets that get a little too hot. These cot-style dog beds feature metal frames and stylish designs. These beds don't have any pressure points, making them more comfy for your pet. They are exceptional for older dogs or dogs with hip or join pain. Elevated dog beds allow airflow beneath - which can keep your dog cooler; perfect for dogs with heavy coats. 

Orthopedic dog beds are perfect for older dogs or dogs with mobility issues. Featuring super soft, pressure relieving cushions - our orthopedic dog beds are perfect for your dogs comfort and security. 

For colder days, go with our heated dog beds that allow your dog to stay warm and comfy in any condition. Our most popular style plugins into your electrical outlet and has a standard heating element that keeps the bed at a constant temperature for your pet. 

We also have a great selection of dog crate mats, perfect for pet enclosures. They are designed specifically for crates to fit perfectly in the bottom. Available in a variety of styles and colors to help blend with any crate.